Monday, 25 May 2009

Best Screen Devil Ever?

Bedazzled: Drimble Wedge & The Vegetations (1967).


Fyodor said...

Heh. Peter Cook was the Devil, God bless 'im. Some enterprising and generous soul has put up video of Derek & Clive at YouTube:

I think you'll forgive the poetic license on the latter.

Lefty E said...

Ehehe. Yes, you get the feeling Cook didnt need to ask "Whats my motivation?" in the role.

Those clips are the LULZ - I mean, seriously outrageous .... a dead JP1 gives 'im d' ornnn... Thats 'boundary pushing' in any currency.

FDB said...

I saw bits of this film with no sound projected on the wall at a party once. Didn't know what it was, only that I had to see it. Along with a lot else from that night, it stuck with me only in a very acidy, hazy form. Like "must. see. movie. of. some. kind."

And now all is revealed!

To the videotron 3000!

Lefty E said...

yes, unclip the whitescreen and crank the Reelmaster, grandma!

That would be a good clip for such an event, and I retrospectively applaud the good taste of the unnamed Video MCs wot did it.

I wager you'll enjoy the film, FDB!

Anonymous said...

I wager you'll enjoy the film, FDB!Can't get any good help, as they say. Must be the wagers.