Sunday, 25 July 2010

Why the Citizen's Assembly on Climate Change is a dud

Here's my top six concerns about PM Julie Gillard's proposed "Citizen's Assembly" to investigate Climate Change. Feel free to disagree, or add others!
  1. Struth, how many mandates does the Oz public have to give the ALP?
  2. What if the assembly decides no action should be taken? This victory for 'deliberative democracy' won't alter the fact that measures needs to be introduced. This alone demonstrates what a complete farce the idea is.
  3. Is it just me, or is this a bit like asking the passengers on the Titanic for approve an iceberg report before further action is taken? Its simply delay dressed up as consultation.
  4. The other policies announced recently suggest a full retreat from climate change action. New coal-fired stations, wtf? That's soooo 1995. Even the new car rebate business is taken from solar money. The assembly has to be seen in the light of surrounding climate policies: its a distraction and a con.
  5. As the Republic issue in 1999 showed, the best way to kill an agenda which enjoys popular support, but which leaders don't want a bar of, is through exactly this sort of mechanism. Pick opposing factions, then you can claim “see, the public cant agree on an actual model” and you’re off the hook, despite the public clearly wanting it.
  6. Real leaders build consensus – or least majority support – around an agenda for change. They don't follow focus groups around.
Unimpressed, of Keating Towers.

    Monday, 12 July 2010

    Monday, 5 July 2010

    Oi oi oi...vey.

    I'm in New Zealand, having a holiday with the family, and frankly... I'm outraged.

    Everywhere I go, customary title over income-generating tourist sites appears not only to provide economic opportunity and employment for rural Maori, but also generates business opportunities for the general community through site lease arrangements.

    Stupid Kiwis: can't they see its better to oppose native title and then whinge interminably about indigenous people on welfare?