Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Se pas bon, les Anglais

Well, as if there isn't enough Anglophone monoglot hoohaa about East Timor adopting Portuguese as co-official language, now the Philippines is reintroducing Spanish in schools. There's even talk of it going up a notch from an "auxiliary" language back to the official status it lost in 1987.

Trade reasons appear to be behind the decision. Loads of Spanish speaking countries with resources to burn. Plus a whole of bunch of their historical documents are in Castillian.

Me, I like it. Anglophony is dull as all get up, si me preguntas. The Chinese are training up thousands in Portuguese via Macau schools to get their hands on the booty in Angola and other CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Nations) countries.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Welcome to Bite My Latte.

This is a test post.