Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What's your 'go-to' webpage when bored?

I need new toys on the internets! No blue stuff or nuthin', mind - but I've just realised I go to the same webpages 95% of the time. I am curious (Beige) as to what I'm missing out on.

What's fun 'n different? And is it as good as Strange Maps?

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Bumper Crop of DVD Rankings!

As Peter Sellers put it in "Being There", I like to watch. This comes straight off my phone, where I record the videos I've watched. Quite a few months worth here. I rank them 1-10, 10 being the highest.

The only editing I've done to the list is take it out of chronological order, and group them by score. From D'or to D'oh, as it were. Occasionally I note the Director's name.

Your thoughts? Disagreements? Endorsements?

10: Ivan the Terrible II; The Silent Partner; LA confidential; Manhattan murder mystery; 12 Angry Men; Blood Oath.

9: Accident (Pinter); Satan's Brew; Gainsbourg; Road to Perdition; Lola; Centurion; Intimate enemies; Le Regle de Jeu (Renoir); L'enfer; A Summer's Tale (Rohmer); Valerie and her week of wonders; Das Boot; 2:36; Full moon in Paris; Mother Joan of the Angels (Jerzy Kawalerowicz); Repo Man; That cold day in the park; The player; La Ardilla Roja; Match Point; The outlaw Josey Wales; The Club; Whatever works; Moon.

8: Ivan the Terrible I; Passenger (Andrezj Munk); A winters tale (Rohmer); The Dead (John Huston); Distant voices, still lives; Army of crime; Katzelmacher (Fassbinder); Chinese roulette (Fassbinder); The Perfectionist; Sweet smell of success; Between Wars; The Last Detail; Dog Soldiers; Pauline a la plage; Leap year; The Marquise of O; 3 Women; I am love; Melinda and Melinda; Rendezvous in Paris; Winter in wartime; Gosford Park; Julia's Eyes; Ryan's Daughter; Cassandra's Dream; The Maltese Falcon

7: A blonde in love (Milosz Forman); The third part of the night (Andrzej Zulawski); Audition/talent show (Milosz Forman); The Cars that ate Paris; Diamonds of the night (Jan Nemec); Veronika Voss; The Searchers (Ford);Duet for Four; Squizzy Taylor; Wittgenstein; Brilliant Lies; An Autumn Tale (Rohmer); Peaches; My girlfriends boyfriend (Rohmer; The Green Ray; Husbands and wives; Bigger than life; Nos querido mes de agosto; The long goodbye; Billy Liar

6: Love me no more; Red white and blue; Safe; The night the prowler; Cracks
Trilogy: the weeping meadow; Everyone says I love you; Fallen Angels

4: Black Dahlia

3: The man from London; Chaotic Ana; What's up tiger lily

2: Suspiria; Four minutes

0: The piano tuner of earthquakes