Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Larvatus Prodeo: A four-cannon salute

Sad news as the good ship Larvatus Prodeo hoists anchor and departs the waters immediately to our south.

Fort Solor duly issues four-gun salute. Sargento da Costa... Dispara!

In addition, Tenente Amilcar has already boarded our caravel A Infanta Beatriz, to harrass any Holandes who may impede her path. (If you spot him, FFS tell him not to lose our ONLY breech-loading swivel gun, like last time I sent him to New Holland).

Anyways, since its probably not the time to start linking to fave posts over there, allow me to highlight this oldie but goodie  from the heady days of 2005. Larfs! (Especially from about post #50 on as the booze kicked, in two states).

Well done all those who wrote the posts over at LP. I only ever wrote one from memory - mostly sat around capping off in the comments. I wouldn't like you to think I wasn't grateful!

And so, I charge a parting glass of Douro Red: Saude!