Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What's your 'go-to' webpage when bored?

I need new toys on the internets! No blue stuff or nuthin', mind - but I've just realised I go to the same webpages 95% of the time. I am curious (Beige) as to what I'm missing out on.

What's fun 'n different? And is it as good as Strange Maps?


Fyodor said...

Yairs. It's a bit like that at the mo.

Here's a few you might enjoy:


Simply awesome concept, brilliantly realised. Not necessary to know all the investment banking jargon - if you enjoyed American Psycho or The Bonfire of the Vanities you'll get the joke.


For that geopolitical itch you just can't scratch. Read his stuff on Iran: the US is like a chronic nose-picker - won't leave a bloody mess alone.


I know you have more than a passing interest in Nihon. This website is fascinating on the seemy underside. The article above is a bit of a departure from their usual material, but a fantastic example of their journalism.

WV: "aphiffun"

Lefty E said...

Cheers old boy, I heh the elevator "#1: I wish I invested in poverty. It's up 60% since 2001. #2: We did."

Wartard is good - I like his peice on war films there. 'No Zulu? denied!'

Like the Japanese need "sub-cultures" to be freaks.

Awesome list! Me, I got nuthin. Except a reminder about this, which is endlessly cool: http://aso.gov.au/

Amanda said...

I love Longform

and The Monkeys You Ordered

Lefty E said...

Cheers Amanda

David Irving (no relation) said...

Hard to compete with Strange Maps, Lefty E (I was a cartographer in a past life), but http://unhappyhipsters.com/ is pretty funny - like lolcats, only architectural.

Ann ODyne said...

Trendhunter will usurp hours,

Picture Australia searches ditto,

Slushpile Hell is black comedy, and -
Love The Liberry to see the horror of another bored worker's day.

Alice said...

Just go to 9gag.com