Sunday, 15 May 2011

News from our fort at Solor

Some will laugh at us, Amilcar, in a future yet to be imagined.
As you say, O meu Capitão.
The Holandes, they will pass.
Sons of Spanish pimps and Flemish whores, O meu Capitão
But our fort at Solor will endure.
This I believe also, O meu Capitão.
Because in their hearts, all men are Portuguese. And they were all lost, seeking the Indies.
May they see our forts, O meu Capitão...
...and know themselves, Amilcar. This is why our impossible empire
will whisper... forever.

Portuguese, which was fought, will now be taught at the University of Indonesian Timor*

Dili, 11 mai (AP) - A University of Indonesia, the PGRI, will go ahead with the creation of a program teaching Portuguese in Indonesian West Timor, today announced its vice-chancellor, Titus Buren.

"The fundamental reason to open the teaching of Portuguese at our University is the ease of communication with East Timor," said the rector.

"East Timor and West Timor in Indonesia are in the same archipelago, and communications are important to a good understanding," he argued.

The PGRI is a tertiary institution dedicated to science education and teacher training, with units in Kupang in West Timor, and Jogjakarta.

Titus Buren, who is visiting Dili, told reporters at the National Parliament, where today went, which was signed Tuesday a memorandum of understanding with East Timor for cooperation between his institution and the East Timor National University ( UNTL).

"In November he was made an initial feasibility study and was signed yesterday a memorandum of understanding with East Timor, in research and teaching, under which we will create a program teaching Portuguese, promoting internships and student exchanges" he explained.

* Google auto-translation from the Portuguese.


Liam said...

Izquierdista, I think this post may be the epitome of this entire blog.

WV: "refer". It certainly does.

Lefty E said...

If authorial intent still counts in this crazy, crazy world, Liamista; then it is, indeed, the foundation stone of Bite My Latte.

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WV: 'Dialy'. If only I could keep so regular.